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Philadelphia Phillies Lead 2012 World Series Odds Going Into Spring Training

February 21st, 2012 | Author:

Pitchers and catchers have finally reported, marking the most exciting day of the season and I can just smell the lanolin. That is, of course, unless 2 teams absolutely collapse on the last day of the regular season on the same night with a team winning a wildcard spot minutes after. Theoretically that could be more exciting. Last year’s end to the regular season made history and was the most exciting finish ever. Oh, and then the two biggest free agents this past offseason left home for the American League.

Albert Pujols signs with the Angels and Prince Fielder with the Tigers into the league that was already top heavy with perennial contending teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers. Fielder was so curious about his new team that he even had his son trade himself to the Tigers on his video game maybe to see if he looked a little his dad, Cecil. So much has gone on this offseason it might take the average fan a few weeks of “When did we get him?” and “Since when did he go to the Athletics?” to catch up with all of these offseason deals.

By the way, dibs to play first base for the American League All-Star team? The facts are these: the Phillies still have the best 1-2 punch with Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, the Yankees never have to let A.J. Burnett throw again, the Red Sox ate fried chicken and drank beer during games and are sorry that you found out, and the Miami Marlins have to make it to the playoffs or they will be part of Obama’s next bailout. The Marlins have built a new stadium in the heart of Miami where Ozzie Guillen can run wild, Jose Reyes can wag his hair and fingers simultaneously at the crowd, and Spanish music will be the only thing playing until Logan Morrison comes to bat. Maybe then, too. But all that money can’t buy a world series, can it?

Currently, Bovada’s 2012 World Series Betting Odds have the Phillies as the front-runner at 11/2 odds to win the World Series followed by the Albert Pujols’ and Yanks (13/2), the AL Central favorite Tigers at 8/1, followed by the KFC-endorsed Red Sox tied with the Rangers at 10/1 odds. Ozzie’s Marlins follow those teams tied with the Giants out west with 16/1. The Rays are a sports bettor’s dream because no matter what, they consistently get horrible odds to start the season and then make bank for the one guy that bet a grand on them at the beginning of the season. 22/1 odds to win the World Series for the Rays makes it specifically for the people feeling lucky, who can drop a few bucks on Tampa and hope “we need more cowbell” come October.

Top 10 Teams Favored To Win The 2012 World Series –  see the rest at Bovada

  1. Philadelphia Phillies 11/2 (+550)
  2. Los Angeles Angels 13/2 (+650)
  3. New York Yankees 13/2 (+650)
  4. Detroit Tigers 8/1 (+800)
  5. Boston Red Sox 10/1 (+1000)
  6. Texas Rangers 10/1 (+1000)
  7. Florida Marlins 16/1 (+1600)
  8. San Francisco Giants 16/1 (+1600)
  9. Atlanta Braves 22/1 (+2200)
  10. Tampa Bay Rays 22/1 (+2200)

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